IMPORTANT: Read this page completely before applying!

Refugees Code is a course on Frontend development and Web Design, under the umbrella of Madrid For Refugees, that aims to boost employment and social integration of asylum seekers in their new country: Spain.

The course design is as follows:

  • Materials are shared with students in advance, and every week they are required to read, watch videos, learn the content and complete some related exercises.
  • Twice a week there are lessons where problems are solved and exercises reviewed.
  • Students are encouraged to ask our teachers and mentors questions through Slack, a professional messenger app.
  • There are sets of complementary masterclasses to support the course and provide the students with wider knowledge on the methodologies used in the tech field.
  • There are also supporting programs like mentoring sessions and labor market preparation available during the course period.

The course is provided by volunteer staff that are highly qualified professionals in the field and are well integrated in the tech scene in Spain and Madrid.


  • This course is only available to refugees, asylum seekers and other migrants who face socioeconomic barriers, that want to start or continue a career in the tech industry, more specifically as Frontend developers / Web designers and is 100% free of charge.
  • Living in Madrid or close to the city is a must. This is necessary as we include in-person classes for approximately 50% of the curriculum.
  • Have a working level of English (Written and spoken comprehension).*
  • Knowledge of basic computer skills, i.e. creating folders and files, a good level of typing, and how to use the internet.**
  • Availability to dedicate 20-25 hours per week.

* MFR also provides language lessons to asylum seekers out of this program.
** MFR also provides a Digital Literacy course for computer basics.

Course characteristics

Length: ~ 7 monthsClasses per week: 2 days (2h/day)Lessons language: English
Classes per week: 2 days (2h/day)Course material language: English (B2)Model: Hybrid, 50% online and 50% in our office in Lavapiés

Our next course starts in November 2023 and will take place on Mondays and Wednesdays of each week, with the classes starting at 6:30pm Madrid time.

Course content

Basic terminal knowledge

Html @ CSS



Basic JavaScript

Advanced JavaScript




Materials needed

Madrid For Refugees provides the material needed to accomplish the course, including a working laptop (if needed) that will be returned to the organization after the course.


Our Enrollment period for this edition of the course will be open starting on September 19th until November 11th. You can apply to the course at any point, but we will be getting in touch with you in September.

To successfully become a student of our Frontend Development course, you should complete these next steps:

  1. You have read this page entirely, and in case of any questions, contact
  2. You will write a motivation letter telling us in English why you wish to participate in the course and about your interest in Frontend Development. We suggest that this letter contains the following points:
    • What is your current situation?
    • Why are you interested in web development?
    • Why are you interested in the Refugees Code course?
    • What are you expecting from the course?

      Please note that if a motivation letter is not provided, our Admissions team will reach out to you requesting one.
  3. After your motivation letter is written, you can send us your application through the application form you will see at the bottom of this page.
  4. You will complete an assessment to give you basic notions of Frontend Development or to test your current knowledge if you already have experience. This assessment consists of the completion of 3 short courses on HTML and CSS at your own pace, plus a quick questionnaire on what you’ve learnt. Completing this assessment should not take longer than 20 hours of work and it can easily be done on a phone.
  5. Lastly, you will have a final 15-minute interview with our Admissions team to discuss the last few details.

Now you are ready to apply!

Thank you for reading all the essential information about the course. You can now proceed to apply.